utorok 5. augusta 2014

Verb + ing

V novom on-line teste sme sa zamerali na použitie slovies + ing-ovej formy (enjoy doing / stop doing ...)

Pozrite sa na tieto príklady:

I enjoy reading (not enjoy to read)
Would you mind closing the door? (not mind to close)
Chris suggested going to the cinema. (not suggested to go)

Po enjoy, mind and suggest, použijeme -ing (not to...).

Niektoré ďalšie slovesá, za ktorými nasleduje -ing: stop, postpone, admit, avoid, imagine, finish, consider, deny, risk, fancy

Suddenly everybody stopped talking. There was silence.
I'll do the shopping when I've finished cleaning the flat.
He tried to avoid answering my question.
I don't fancy going out this evening. (=I'm not enthusiastic about it)
Have you ever considered going to live in another country?

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