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Phrasal verbs

Odhalíte dvojzmysly týchto frazálnych slovies?

  1. Doctor, Doctor, I can't sleep at night.
    Sleep on the edge of the bed and you'll soon drop off.
  2. Why are ghost bad at telling lies?
    Becasause you can always see through them.
  3. Why do birds in a nest always agree?
    Because they don't want to fall out.
  4. When is a deep-sea diver disappointed with his colleagues?
    When they let him down.
  5. What training do you need to become a rubbish collector?
    None, you pick it up as you go along.
  6. Waiter, I asked you to bring my order quickly but why is the food on my plate all squashed?
    Well sir, when you ordered your food, you did tell me to step on it.
  7. Why do taxi-drivers always go bankrupt?
    Because they drive their customers away.
  8. Wife: Did you put the cat out, dear?
    sarcastic Husband: No. Was it on fire?.
  9. When are the traffic police strong?
    When they hold up cars with one hand.

A čo všetko môžu v skutočnosti vyjadrovať?

  1. drop off - zadriemať alebo spadnúť
  2. see through - prekuknúť alebo vidieť cez
  3. fall out - pohádať sa alebo vypadnúť
  4. let down - sklamať alebo ponechať dole
  5. pick up - osvojiť si alebo zbierať
  6. step on - pohni si alebo stúpiť na
  7. drive away - odohnať alebo odísť preč
  8. put out - zahasiť alebo položiť von
  9. hold up - podržať alebo zastaviť

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