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Gramatika - Reported speech II

We also use reported speech when we are saying what other people asked or wanted to know. We do not use do or question marks in indirect questions.
Nepriamu reč používame taktiež v prípadoch, keď hovoríme o niečom, čo sa iní ľudia pýtali alebo chceli vedieť. V nepriamych otázkach nepoužívame "do" alebo "?"
  • "What time is it?" = He asked me what time it was.
  • "Why hasn't he come? = She wondered why he hadn't come.
  • "When will you be arriving?" = He wanted to know when we would be arriving.
  • "What were you doing?" = They questioned him about what he had been doing.

We use the same structure when we report answers.
Keď reportujeme odpoveď, používame rovnakú štruktúru.
  • "147 Oak Street." = I told him what my address was.
  • "I didn't have time to do it." = She explained why she hadn't done it.
  • "Look at this dress and bag." = She showed me what she had bought.
  • "Put the paper here and press this button." = He demonstrated how the scanner worked.

Yes/no questions are reported with if or whether.
Áno/Nie otázky sú reportované s použitím slov "if" alebo "whether".
  • Do you want a ride? = Mike asked me if I wanted a ride.
  • Are you coming? = They wanted to know if I was coming.
  • Will you be here later? = She asked me whether I would be here later.

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