streda 6. augusta 2014

For and Since

We use for and since to say how long something has been happening.

We use for + a period of time (two hours, six weeks etc.):

I have been waiting for two hours.
  • two hours
  • a long time
  • a week
  • 20 minutes
  • years

Sally has been working here for six months. (not since six months).
I haven't seen Tom for three days.(not since three days).

We use since + the start of a period (8 o'clock, Monday, 1999 etc.):

I have been waiting since 8 o'clock.
  • 8 o'clock
  • April
  • Monday
  • 1999
  • we arrived

Sally has been working here since April. (= from April until now).
I haven't seen Tom since Monday. (= from Monday until now).

It is possible to leave out for (but not usually in negative sentences):
- They've been married (for) ten years. (with or without for)
- They haven't had a holiday for ten years. (you must use for)

We do not use for + all... (all day / all my life etc.):
- I've lived here all my life. (not all for my life)

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