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Applying for a job

  • Start your application by saying why you are writing, what job you are applying for and how you heard about it. It enables them to judge how effective they have been at advertising the post through various forms of media.
  • Next, provide soem concise information about yourself - ideally, those strengths that are most closely associated with this job, company and industry. Don't forget that being too modest is not going to help zou in today's job market.
  • Encourage the reader to respond to you in the way that  you whant by providing them with your telephone number, a stamped addressed envelope for a reply, or any other way you prefer.
  • Enclose all required documents: curriculum vitae, photo, diploma, etc.
  • Curriculum vitae is the most important part of applying for a job. You can choose from two ways concerning how a CV is written. The first way is to write a narrative CV, the second a structured CV. In both cases you should write all the specific qualities you can bring to this position. All the information must be true. Do not forget to sign and date the CV.
Applying for a job
A friend in England sent me your advertisement which appeared in last Saturday's Daily Standard.
I would like to work in England and gain experience in an accounting office. I have kept the accounts for my father's jewellery business for the last two years, but due to bad health he is selling the business. I can speak and write French, German and English.
I have enclosed my CV and, if required, I could come to England for an interview.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Miss Mirjam Ott

Dear Mr Mayer
I am replaying to your firm's advertisement in Novy Cas (17th of May 2001) for the post as the female personnel manager.
At the present time, I am working as a project coordinator in ABC Ltd. I am responsible for overseeing approximately two big projects each year - including dealing with advertising, choosing the project team, etc. Examples of these are enclosed for your perusal.
I am able to offer you self-initiative, the ability to schedule and priotize tasks and to work with strict deadlines, time flexibility and experience in an international company. I am seeking to develop my potential further and utilize my language abilities.
I would like to meet you to discuss this opening in more detail, as well as my application for it. You can contact me anytime at my address - Viedenska 28, Bratislava, or by telephone at: 00421 2 5557 2232.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Petra Novotná

Comments: A letter of application should be fairly detailed. Start by saying why you are writing, what job you are applying for and how you heard about it. Provide some information about yourself that is most closely associated with this job.
State why you want this job and explain what specific qualities you can bring. The final paragraph should state what you want to happen next, for example, you want to be telephoned for a discussion or invited for an interview.


An example of a structured CV

Petra Novotná

Viedenská 28

851 01 Bratislava

Curriculum vitae

Personal details


Date of birth


Marital Status


Mgr. Petra Novotná

18 June 1975



Peter Novotný (2002)


1978 - 1986

1986 - 1990

1990 - 1995

Primary school, Tomašikova 2, Bratislava
Secondary school, Kvačalova20, Bratislava
Comenius University in Bratislava, Philosophical Faculty


30 May 1990

5 June 1995

18 September 1996

GCE - A levels
Final state examination in Psychology
Final state examination in English
Driving test

Work experience

1 September 1995 - 31 March 1998

1 April 1998 - current

Personnel manager in Alas Slovakia Ltd., Bratislava

Project coordinator in Retema Ltd., Bratislava


English language - fluent

German language - passive

Russian language - passive


Reading, cykling.
20 April 2011, Bratislava



An example letter of narrative CV

Matej Nový

Lipová 13

821 08 Bratislava

Curriculum vitae

I was born on 11th of February 1968 in Vsetin. In 1994 I got married to Marketa (born Veselá). We have two children - our son Jakub (born 2001) and our daughter Karolína (born 1999)
I went to primary school in Bratislava from 1974 to 1983. I went to a technical college after that time and graduated in May 1987.
After graduation I started to work as a designer to BAS Inc. in Bratislava. During this time I obtained a driving license.
From October 1, 1988 to September 30, 1990 I completed military service. During this time I drove a lorry.
After doing military service I returned to my previous job where I have been up till now.
Now I am applying for a job that corresponds with my qualification. To get a job in the city where I live would mean saving a lot of time that I want to devote to my field of study.
I speak English fluently
2 February 1991, Bratislava

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